By John Sebes

Krakenbusting: Moving On After the Statistics Zombies

Election 2020 is over, and many of the wilder conspiracy theories about “the stolen election” are receding into zombie-dom. However, we’re still seeing some persistent “concerns” about election results that “can’t be right” because “something’s wrong with these numbers” based on amateur statistical analysis and a complete misunderstanding of election night reporting. So crazy are these “concerns” that we’re compelled to continue trying to quash the Kraken.
We’re not afraid of any Kraken, so let’s do this…

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Election-Stealing Voting Machines Theories: Secret Decoder Ring, Part 1

Weeks after a normal election there are still 100s of thousands of people, or more, tuning into a variety of theories about how the presidential election was “stolen.”  Among these are theories that center on software in voting systems. These theories exist in a perpetual social media mix-master that continues to generate new combinations of old and new zombie memes about things like “Evil Voting Software,” and “Rampant Election Fraud.” Let’s start deciphering…

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Straight Talk About Disinformation and Ballot Fraud

This week our CTO John Sebes offers two comments a single article because they are tightly related to the lingering brouhaha over a recent attempt of voter intimidation initially attributed to a U.S. and Canadian far-right organization, the Proud Boys.  John’s first comment (Part 1) is about the challenges of disinformation and attribution. His second comment (Part 2) is focused on the means of the intimidation stunt: overseas ballot fraud.

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