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Blockchain ❤️ Breakers

Credit: Bob Smith

Here is the start of a sequel of sorts to KrakenBusters, which isn’t about Kraken, but actually about Blockchain.

It appears necessary to do some more debunking, but not about “The Big Lie” (aka election Kraken), but rather about the Blockchain — that overly hyped, open, highly distributed, public ledger.

Why the hype?

Before we get into debunking the hype, I think that it’s important to start with a story about why the hype persists — maybe not the only reason, but an important reason why “blockchain” and “voting” keep getting mashed together in ways that confuse a lot of people. You see, first, there is a set of technical problems needing to be solved to get beyond the hype, and they exist because of a conundrum that some local election officials (“LEOs”) face:

The Federal government says Internet voting is “too risky,” but several state legislatures have passed laws to go so far as to require Internet voting.

So, these LEOs need to do something, but it’s very unclear how to compare the options.
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Krakenbusting: Moving On After the Statistics Zombies

Election 2020 is finally over, and thankfully many of the wilder conspiracy theories about “the stolen election” (aka “The Big Lie”) are receding into zombie-dom. However, we’re still seeing some more persistent, shall we say, “concerns” about election results that “can’t be right” because “something’s wrong with these numbers” based on amateur statistical analysis and a complete misunderstanding of election night reporting.

So crazy are these “concerns” that we’re compelled to continue trying to quash the Kraken, so to speak. (The term, now an Internet meme, refers to the myriad conspiracy theories about the 2020 election being “stolen” for Biden.)  And of course, that inspired us to sing out…

When numbers don’t look right, tryin’ to wrap your brain ’round it all
and common sense seems light, then who you gonna call? “Krakenbusters!”

We’re not afraid of any Kraken, so let’s do this. Read more

Election-Stealing Voting Machines Theories: Secret Decoder Ring, Appendices

After Points

In my just concluded 3-part series, I provided some plain talk about the nonsense of several kinds of theories about elections stolen via voting machines. However, I didn’t cover two important related points: 1) what our adversaries can do to attack our democratic elections, and 2) what you, the reader can do to help. Read more