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Open Source Vote Tally: OSET’s Greg Miller interviewed on KPCC’s All Things Considered

This Tuesday, October 30, Nick Roman, KPCC’s host of All Things Considered, interviewed OSET’s Chair & COO, Greg Miller, to discuss the use of the open source VSAP 1.0 system that will be used to tally mail-in ballots for this November’s midterm election in LA County. The topics range from election security and transparency, open …

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Tracking Political Ads on Facebook with Open Source Methods

One of the biggest changes with current election campaigns is the use of targeted ads on social media, notably Facebook. Not only are political advertisers able to target groups with laser-like precision using Facebook’s ad placement tools, these ads are invisible to everyone except the targeted group. Learn how the Mozilla Foundation teamed up with ProPublica to develop a browser extension you can use to track and make visible these previously invisible political ads.

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The Real Crisis of US Election Security

With the United States midterm elections coming soon, US election systems are already under attack, via false or misleading stories on social media (disinformation attacks). These systems are also vulnerable to more serious subversion attacks, where digital components are targeted and compromised to alter or manipulate the actual casting of ballots and tabulation of results. How did the US reach this crisis point, where this critical infrastructure is now so vulnerable? Is there any way to remedy this threat to the most fundamental building block of a healthy democracy, a secure and reliable voting system?

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