Trusting Elections: A Chat with David Levine

Season 1 Episode 15

Welcome to our season 1 finale! Show host Gregory Miller and @OSET CTO John Sebes sit down for a candid conversation with David Levine with the Alliance for Securing Democracy at the German Marshall Fund. This is a longer episode, but there was much to discuss.

David is a non-practicing lawyer and previously, the Ada County, Idaho Elections Director. David focuses on election access, trust and security, external threats from malign actors and the challenges democracies face in conducting free and fair elections. David’s work has been published in NY Times, Washington Post, NPR, Bloomberg, BBC, and elsewhere.

Thanks again for your interest and support in Dead Men Don’t Vote. Stay-tuned! Season-2 promises to be even better as we ramp toward to the 2024 presidential primaries and election.

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