Introducing the TrustTheVote Project and Blog

Our thanks go to our patient readers of the Open Source Digital Voting blog, for a bit of radio silence while we’ve been standing up the TrustTheVote project, and infrastructure for it such as a blog, wiki, source code repository, and project tracker.

What is the TrustTheVote project? In brief, it is all the technology development activity that up to now we’ve called the Open Source Digital Voting Project, but expanded in scope and scale, and as a result with some more structure and tools. For more, check out the TrustTheVote Web site and the TTV wiki which also includes pointers to GitHub and PivotalTracker where code and project tracking info are hosted.

So, here we are at the first blog entry that’s hosted at TrustTheVote. This blog is simply the continuation under a new name of the OSDV blog. We’re back in the blogging saddle, with some interesting posts coming up the Prophet of Open Voting; on what election audit really means and what technology is required; how we can prevent a future Coleman/Franken horror-show; and of course continuing reporting and demystification of the continuing string of election technology/reform/integrity news.

More soon!


PS: While the TTV Website provides basic information about the TTV project (and pointers to lots more on wiki, blog, etc.), you can continue to expect the OSDV website to continue to provide information about the OSDV Foundation, its operation as a not-for-profit public interest corporation, and its mission support TrustTheVote as a digital public works project.

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