Internet Voting: Perils and Summary

No, I am not going to lecture on why Internet voting is bad for half a dozen different reasons. In fact, Internet voting is both a horribly loaded term, and also a general topic that is not germane to our current work at OSDV — which is technologically fixing the election technology mess that we are in, without also trying to change the way elections work.

But I came across a very well researched and well written diatribe against Internet voing, and couldn’t help passing it along: The Perils of Internet Voting, from the wide ranging (from tech to policy to advocacy …) blog Voting Matters

I don’t agree with all 6+ pages of it (though I am indirectly quoted via a statement of leading computer science experts that I support), but I have to say that if you want a good laundry list of all the objections (and kitchen sink too) to Internet voting, look no farther — and a finely expressed list it is as well.

If the topic is of interest to you, but the list too long an detailed, then get back to me. My story about the peril is simpler (it rests on only one principle, which most people can readily understand), and may be of interest here — if it isn’t too distracting from the immediate issues we’re working on now.