Good Q&A on OSDV in “Interviews Online”

Just wanted to point readers to a good interview that Greg and I did today with Interviews Online … and a big thank you to Dave Witzel for inviting us.

FYI, here is a partial list of questions from the interview. (And if you find any of the answers comment worthy, feel free to comment here.)

How did you get started working on voting systems?

Why "open source"?

What are the problems with the current approach to developing e-voting systems? Why won’t a commercial approach work?

Why have a foundation manage this process rather than government itself?

How is the organization going to be funded?

What response have you gotten from funders and advocates?

Will US solutions work for other countries or is every country different?

What are the "hard" parts of e-voting? Is it a software problem?

What will you focus on during the near-term? Say, during the next three months?

What kind of help are you looking for now? If someone is interested in supporting you, what should they do?

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