Greg Miller, Chair & COO of the OSET Institute

Greg Miller, Chair & COO of the OSET Institute

Greg Miller has 30+ years of technical and business experience in computer and information technology.  Coming from the world of venture capital, Gregory co-founded the OSET Institute in November 2006.

He’s a trained computer scientist, with graduate business education, and a law degree focused on intellectual property, technology law, and public policy.

Greg’s technical background includes:

  • user interface design
  • object-oriented software development
  • TCP/IP networking, and distributed systems.

Greg has been active in the American Bar Association addressing technology law and public policy issues, including Cyberlaw, Information Privacy & Security, and Internet Governance.

Greg is also a member of the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee, and a sustaining member of the Internet Society.  Mr. Miller also served on the San Francisco Voting Systems Task Force from 2010-2012.

Read Greg’s full bio on the OSET Institute website.