Building the People’s Voting System


VoteStream is about elections data.

VoteStream can report elections results for every contest for every precinct in the country. It also makes available the performance and participation data needed for systematic analysis of elections.

See the VoteStream demo or learn more about the VoteStream prototype.

VoteStream = Standards + Software + Services.

VoteStream is a set of open data standards, open-source software written to those standards and services deploying the software.

We are working to make elections data open data.

Open data standards are at the heart of VoteStream. We’re working with standards bodies—such as IEEE and NIST—to ensure that the standards for elections data are confirmed and adopted by appropriate organizations. The goal is to end up with elections data that links to different types of data sets—campaign finance, voter demographics, etc.—in ways that previously haven’t been possible on this scale.

VoteStream makes available complete elections data— which is not easily accessible today.

We are engaging stakeholders to specify what they really need.

We’re placing stakeholders at the center of our efforts—rather than the source code—to drive the blueprints of what we build. Our growing network of collaborators includes state and local jurisdictions, election officials across the country, academicians, corporate research and development teams, and the public development community. Election officials are critical to our success—they help specify requirements, define standards, and work with us to get those standards adopted.

Comments from the community

“It’s likely that the open source movement…will become a very, very valuable resource in preparing the ground for a shift in how people vote.”
Mark Ritchie, Minnesota Secretary of State




“The real challenge is that states have different data requirements. OSET has spent a lot of time configuring options into their code to make transforming data possible.”
Matthew Davis, Information Services Manager, Virginia Board of Elections