VoteReady Support

Support and Feedback

We welcome your feedback on your experience using VoteReady, and are ready to provide support for VoteReady users. Please use our Contact Form and include “VoteReady Feedback” or “VoteReady Support” at the start of your message.


The app has the following text:

Support and Feedback: VoteReady is supported by the TrustTheVote Project [] of the OSET Institute. [] For information on how to obtain support or provide feedback, please see

but it can be changed.

The rest of this page should say more about how to provide feedback and how to ask for the support, presumably by linking to an existing page to compose email to something. The above is a starter fluid. FYI even if it is brief, it’s important to have the info on this page not in the app, because this page can be updated a lot easier than the app.