Building the People’s Voting System

RFC Comments

Commenting on an RFC

Commenting on an RFC is simple. Each RFC is a page on this website. Anyone can view the RFC Library, pick an RFC to read, and submit a comment on that RFC’s web page. All comments are moderated by the TrustTheVote Project’s Core Team. Appropriate (constructive) anonymous comments are published by the Moderator.

Attributed appropriate comments are published if the Moderator is able to verify the commenter using contact information located in the comment. We will delete comment information before publication, unless the commenter requests that contact information be retained along with name and/or organizational affiliation.

A Few Details:

  1.   Organization: Each RFC web page contains a link to a PDF document that is the actual RFC; all comments on the RFC are submitted as comments on that RFC’s web page; all approved comments are published on that web page. So, when you first look at an item in the RFC library, you’ll see the link to the actual document, and below that all the comments, most recent first.
  1.  To submit a comment: compose your comment in whatever way is convenient for you; scroll to the bottom of the page until you see “Leave a Reply”; in the reply window paste your comment; if desired, include your name with contact information; click “Submit.”
  1.  Contact information: if you want your comment to be attributed to you, please list your name (required); other information such as organizational affiliation, web site, etc.; and other contact information, either email or telephone (required). A moderator will contact you to confirm your identity and determine whether you wish your contact information to be retained.

For more information, please contact us.