We have a growing network of collaborators.

The TrustTheVote Project has 200 contributors from 26 states and few of them have ever written a line of code. Our collaborators include:

  • Election officials across the country
  • Academics
  • Corporate research and development teams
  • The public development community

Join our stakeholder community. Our community of elections professionals receive regular updates on TTV Project work, and volunteer their time to provide comments on the Project’s Request for Comments documents and software demonstrations. You can participate in defining requirements, or just keep in touch and track our progress.

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Comments from our collaborators

Former Secretary of State, MN

“It’s likely that the open source movement…will become a very, very valuable resource in preparing the ground for a shift in the way we vote.”

Former Secretary of State


First U.S. Chief Technology Officer

“I have seen the opportunities to restore confidence in our nation’s voting and elections infrastructure first-hand and was struck by the progress and approach of the OSET Foundation.”

First Chief Technology Officer of the United States


Virginia Department of Elections

“The real challenge is that states have different data requirements. OSET has spent a lot of time configuring options into their code to make transforming data possible.

Chief Information Officer
Virginia Department of Elections