Government 2.0: Shouldn’t elections also be on the list?

I caught this post by Mark Drapeau of O’Reilly about where so-called Government 2.0 is headed in the next year or 2.0. It’s an interesting list, agree with it or not. It does seem to be the case that usually when folks are talking about Gov2.0 they don’t seem to be thinking about what can be improved in the way we run elections.

From the post: Government 2.0: Five Predictions for 2010-12(from O’Reilly Radar – Insight, analysis, and research about emerging technologies.:

“So, here are some non-exhaustive, somewhat creative, and entirely debatable trends and ideas that I foresee taking shape in the next three years or so. Why the next three years? Well, it’s hard to predict what will happen within a year – there are too many strange short-term factors, like natural disasters and Congressional behavior (but I repeat myself). Plus, the next three years is the remainder of Obama’s current term in office, so these are things we can expect to see either before his second term, or before the new President’s first term. So, that said, here are my five predictions for 2010-12:” (from: Government 2.0: Five Predictions for 2010-12)

Here is the list of predictions: Government 2.0: Five Predictions for 2010-12

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