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Yes, it’s still a work in progress (I guess they remain that, forever.) But recently we’ve done quite a bit of neatening (gardening as they say among some wiki-geeks.) up of the wiki. As we work, we will continue to add most of all we know and think as of a certain point in time. Between the TrustTheVote wiki and this blog, you should be able to have a pretty clear x-ray into the TrustTheVote project.

Wiki’s, unlike blogs, don’t change on a daily basis, and act more like a web site or document repository than as a newsletter or periodic update. Our goal is that as time goes by, you will be able to answer questions you have about TrustTheVote’s approach and projects, status reports, images and documents, and so on.

So let me give you a tour of some items of interest in the wiki. On the front page, there are a few landmarks to help you find stuff. In the top right corner, you see a list of the major TrustTheVote projects. You see links such as “Digital Voting Records System” and “Data Layer” among others. Each of these links goes to a project page, which you will see is in various stages of completeness.

Further on the front page, on the right, below the projects, is a “Recently Changed” list, which shows you exactly what pages have been most recently edited, and actually when that was, so you can see the parts of the wiki that we are working on.

In the left margin, you see an area called “Navigations”. Note the TTV Projects link which takes you to a one page table of all the projects with very brief summaries of what they are, so it’s a good place to get an overview.

Also in that same section is a “Stakeholder Community” link where we are putting information that we are exchanging with out stakeholder community, “a group of election officials, election technologists, election process experts, and advocates, who have graciously offered their advice to the OSDV Foundation’s TrustTheVote Project.”

I hope you will find this wiki a useful resource. You may notice that at this moment it is not editable; this is because we need to figure out a way to allow people to contribute to it without at the same time opening it up to the usual vandals and spammers that love to use open wikis as a launch pad for link farms and other non-sense.


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