By way of introduction…

This is my first post on this blog (but have been blogging for years here), so by way of introduction, let me say a couple of words about how I got to be here.

I’ve been working on OSDV stuff for the last 6 months. Unlike some of the others here, I didn’t come to this work as an expert in voting or election technology.

My background is technical, as a software developer and technology entrepreneur. I’ve worked on a broad variety of systems – end user stuff where ease of use and human factors are crucial – and enterprise stuff where scale, deployment, manageability and reliability are paramount. Recently my focus moved to software development methodology, agile techniques, and open source software, and blogging.

Ok, so I wasn’t steeped in election technology when I joined OSDV. But I am getting very steeped. You will be seeing my posts on this blog regularly, so I thought it would make sense to let you know who the – I was.

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