Fortfiying the Team

Tonight, I am pleased to announce that the OSDV Foundation has made a key hire on our senior management team. I want to take a post here to introduce to you our new Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Maureen Davis.

Maureen comes to us from another non-profit, the Palo-Alto based think tank Institute for the Future. Maureen spent some ten years with IFTF with increasing levels of responsibility for client relations and many aspects of operations. She brings a wealth of experience to bear on how a Foundation should operate as a business, non-profit though its status may be.

For Maureen this means focusing on building relationships with clients, or now in this case, supporters — people like YOU. "It’s all about the connection we keep with our supporters, our volunteers, our donors, and those organizations who provide funding grants for our projects," Maureen evangelizes.

I couldn’t agree more. I’ve said before and will say again, this is about you, not me or us, because at the end of the day, we’re merely shepherds of a movement that you are building … a movement to ensure that one day everyone counts, when it comes to voting in a digital democracy.

Please join me in welcoming Maureen Davis to the OSDV Foundation as our new COO. I am sure you will be hearing from her, one way or another.


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