We’ve Finally Arrived, at Least on Wikipedia

Wiki This. For some, it’s a sign of "arrival" in the digital community of the Internet: earning a page in the Wikipedia.

We’ve humbly done so, although I understand initially Wiki Watchdogs bounced us as "Wiki Spam" or "Wiki Advertising" (e.g., advancing a commercial cause rather than simply discussing or chronicling its existence).

I can assure you after several days of work in preparing, reviewing with counsel, and finally filing (with a fat $750 fee) our IRS Form 1023 for application to be determined a "tax exempt" operating foundation, we certainly are not Wiki spam, advertising, or a commercial venture. But we had some awesome help to appeal that opinion and earn our spot within the 2+ million pages of U.S. pages of Wikipedia.

Really, with (as of today) over 9 million articles in 250 languages
maintained by 75,000 volunteer editors, viewed by hundreds of thousands
of daily visitors, being part of the Wikipedia is no trivial matter.

So here’s THANKS to the wonderful folks at WebMama, a digital communications firm
in the Silicon Valley that provides extensive services and expertise in SEO/SEM and related etiquette, for their generous grant of time and services to the OSDV Foundation. They marshalled our Wikipedia entry and obtained
"approval and clearance" from the Wikimedia community. That Webmama team rocks, with special thanks to chief Mama Barb and especially Wikipedian Lidija!

So it with great pleasure that I refer you to our entry in Wikipedia by clicking here.



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