Today is the Day to Be Heard

Well, Super Tuesday is finally upon us. And while OSDV is hard at work on a breakthrough model to demonstrate on HOW American can vote in a digital democracy, today marks a reminder for us of how imperative the mission of the OSDV Foundation is for the future.

And I hope you will join us. But before you think about doing that, please speak up and be heard – its your fundamental right in a democracy to do so – by casting your vote if you are in one of those 22 states casting primary votes today.

Together, we are all working toward figuring out how to "trust the vote." Your thoughts, and inputs here on our Blog and over on our Page at Facebook are really important to us.

Speaking of Facebook, they’ve teamed up with ABC News to simulcast coverage of Super Tuesday this evening on TV and Facebook. That link only works if you’re a Facebook member, so if you’re one of the 62 million registered Facebook users, you should check out this interesting experiment in digital democracy at work. If not, consider joining; its now open to all and you need not have an invitation.

Please join the conversation here, or at least consider joining it over there. Either way, its time to speak up on how America votes, and how we can …going-forward… trust the vote!


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