Snow Job

Happy New Year (sorta)

Seriously, we really are excited about 2008, but not just yet. Please forgive the radio silence these past few days. John and I are on holiday in separate locations (Lake Tahoe, CA and Portland, OR), and due to weather have both been stranded. Without power, storm damage, snow in some parts, and road closures, we’ve been a bit derailed. But will be back on line very shortly.

I will be continuing my observations of the current state of affairs in voting technology and process as well as commenting on our development efforts and needs. John will be back on line and catching up on postings discussing more technical matters (he’s been buried on technology road mapping and not kept up with blogging… like he says, “If I’m talking/writing about it, I’m not doing it.”)

So, stay tuned. And for the several of you who have reached out here, or joined our OSET Page on Facebook, I will be following up with each of you to personally thank you and explore your interests more.

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