The Petition

We intend to submit a Petition to State Secretaries and Congress on all voters’ behalf to demand that government seriously considers how to properly promote and support the required research and development to produce more verifiable, accurate, secure, and transparent voting technology, and make it a public asset.  We encourage you to sign on with us.

First, have a look at the principles of the petition below to understand what we’re asking of our government. Then you can look at the actual Petition we plan to present. When you supply your name, eMail and zip code to identify your state of residence, your digital signature will automatically be added to the Petition for your home State.

Supporting this cause is the simple step of adding your name, eMail, and zip code to the Petition and pressing “Confirm.”

That’s all it takes to request your government to seriously consider the need for a public technology option. If you’re not ready to sign on just yet, no worries; but send us a message. We’d love your input.

Principles of the Petition

  1. As an eligible voter, I am entitled to:
    • Evidence-based elections; where…
    • Technology is verifiable, accurate, secure, and transparent; with…
    • Ballots that are provably counted as cast; based on…
    • Innovation unavailable when constrained by commercial for-profit agenda or mandates; resulting in…
    • Voting systems that are built on freely available public software open for review and verification.
  2. There is no business incentive for the commercial industry to invest in building such voting technology.
  3. Government should seek ways to support making election software technology a public asset in order to achieve the required trust in America’s voting systems.

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