Deployment Model

The OSET Foundation is a non-profit research, development, and education organization focused on election technology innovation through the application of open source principles. Neither the Foundation nor its flagship effort, the TrustTheVote Project are “delivery organizations.” In other words, our mission is to create technology through a collaborative effort with stakeholders and make this technology freely available for adoption, adaption, and deployment.

It is not our mission, intent, or purpose to serve as a commercial or non-profit delivery organization.

The deployment will work like this:

The Election Technology Framework comprises software-based systems for election administration and voting. These systems require integration with off-the-shelf digital hardware devices. The TrustTheVote Project will produce a qualified hardware catalog or reference list. The integration process—to be provided by commercial organizations—will require minimal adaptation work to meet local regulatory and user experience requirements of each jurisdiction.

This deployment model relies on commercial “systems integration” companies—including current vendors of voting systems and other qualified companies—who will bring this system to market and then provide delivery, service, and support of the technology.

Our objective is to make the technology available and allow the free market to commercially deliver finished systems.