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Improving Our Voting Experience

The TrustTheVote Project is working with election officials to create innovative publicly available election technology because there’s a looming voting machine crisis. To better understand this, watch the 2 minute video above (if you haven’t yet), then consider this:

  • Fact: Elections require verifiable, accurate, secure, and transparent technology.
  • Fact: Today’s voting technology design has inherent security vulnerabilities.
  • Fact: Billions are put into campaigns, but fractions of pennies on those dollar are invested in better voting technology.
  • Fact: Without commercial incentives to innovate, nothing changes.
  • Fact: It’s time for a public technology option where the required innovation is not blocked by restrictive commercial agendas or mandates.

It’s time to petition the government to make this a priority.

In other words, if you vote, then you deserve certain guarantees to your voting experience—that is, evidence based elections where your votes are verifiably counted as cast. This is nearly a participation right.  And the only way for that to happen is to reinvent the technology of voting and make that innovation a public asset.

That is the mission of the TrustTheVote Project. And it’s time we let our government know that what recently transpired in terms of trust in our national election can never, ever happen again.

If you believe as we do, that as registered voters we’re entitled to a verifiable, accurate, secure, and transparent voting experience, then join the movement to create a Petition to present to each State Secretary and Congress requesting they make a public technology option the priority to ensure we can have a better, more trustworthy voting experience..


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