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Improving Our Voting Experience

The TrustTheVote Project is working with election officials to create innovative publicly available election technology because there’s a looming voting machine crisis. To better understand this, watch the 2 minute video above (if you haven’t yet), then consider this:

  • Fact: Elections require verifiable, accurate, secure, and transparent technology.
  • Fact: All registered voters have unalienable rights in their voting experience.
  • Fact: The typical voting experience today has several shortcomings.
  • Fact: Such shortcomings can be resolved through a set of voter participation rights.

In other words, if you are registered to vote and properly so, then you deserve certain guarantees to your voting experience—that is, certain “rights of participation.”

The TrustTheVote Project supports these rights. It will take some time for widespread adoption of this new technology, but by 2020 these rights of participation can be ensured everywhere.

If you believe as we do, that as registered voters we’re entitled to a verifiable, accurate, secure, and transparent voting experience, then join the movement to create a Petition to present to each State Secretary and Congress requesting these rights.

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