A complete set of technology to run elections

The TrustTheVote Project began in late 2006 when we recognized a huge opportunity—bring open source development to election technology. We’ve set goals, learned along the way, and made a lot of progress. The TrustTheVote Project is creating a complete set of technology to run elections—ElectOS. The technology will be publicly available, and can be readily adapted by any election jurisdiction in the country.

Here are some of our milestones so far


  • Researched U.S. voting systems technology to identify issues
  • Designed development model for high-assurance, open-source technology
  • Created an election professional stakeholder community
  • Achieved tacit approval from several elections officials for systems-level architecture


  • Released road map for voting and elections technology development
  • Deployed online voter registration service with Rock The Vote
  • Built prototype software for tabulation and election management services
  • Built prototype ballot scanning software
  • Collaborated with several election jurisdictions on ElectOS design


  • Deployed voter management system and ballot design online service to states for 2012 general election
  • Field-tested ballot casting and counting systems
  • Field-tested election management system components


    • Created iPad-based Digital Poll Book prototype
    • Received Knight Foundation prototype grant for elections results reporting
    • Worked with standards bodies—IEEE and NIST—to develop open data standards
    • Achieved official 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status as a CA Public Benefits Organization
    • Released alpha version of Election Results Reporting System—VoteStream
    • Changed foundation name officially to “Open Source Election Technology” (OSET)


    • Changed designation from “Foundation” to “Institute”
    • Received second Knight Foundation grant to further VoteStream development
    • Received OSI accreditation for the OSET Public License (modeled on the Mozilla Public License), a necessary and unique copy-left open source license designed specifically to address certain legal issues within state and county procurement processes and regulations.
    • Released beta version of Election Results Reporting System—VoteStream
    • Received significant operating support grant from Democracy Fund
    • Produced first-ever citizen-facing outreach video to explain the flagship initiative of the OSET Institute: the TrustTheVote Project. Also available in Spanish.
    • Co-founder Gregory Miller served in voluntary capacity to the U.S. DHS as a election technology security domain expert.
    • Co-Founder John Sebes led a team to support NBC News elections coverage desks to track election and voting systems anomalies and issues in a 40-hour marathon at NBC Universal studios at 30 Rock NYC on election day.
    • Supported a number of Congressional initiatives and research into matters of election integrity, security, and critical infrastructure.
    • Continued prosecution on a portfolio of patents for ElectOS for the benefit of the public (U.S. Citizens)

And some milestones to come (or already happening)


  • Bring aboard senior product management executive to lead technology, standards, and certification (We welcomed Eddie Perez formerly of Hart-Intercivic in 2018; his contributions (such as this) have been immediate.)
  • Expand democracy software foundry to more voter-facing services such as VoteReady (see: bit.ly/OSETvoteready)
  • Deliver production candidate election management systems plus ballot casting and counting devices for test and evaluation with the goal of being ready for deployment in the 2022 election cycle
  • Achieve Federal (and/or States’) Voting Systems certification (2022-2023)
  • Foster widespread adoption, adaptation, and deployment of publicly available (and open source) election and voting systems namely, but not limited, to the technology of ElectOS.