We are change agents.

The OSET Institute is not a think tank doing a study. And we’re not about lobbying politicians for change. We are change agents. We are building an election technology framework called ElectOS that election officials can freely adopt, adapt and deploy to run on commodity hardware.  While the software layer is a public asset and freely available, of course the adaptation, integration, deployment, service and support will be provided by commercial vendors.

Our strategy for success is delivery, because as we often say here, “code causes change.”

Learn more about the OSET mission on the Institute’s corporate website.

Our software is already at work.

The 2013 Presidential Commission on Elections Administration (PCEA) featured our voter services technology in the President’s Final Report; portions of ElectOS software already are the basis for Virginia’s voter services portal.  TrustTheVote Project software drives a majority of 3rd party voter registration services; and 12 states are participating in our next version of the ElectOS VoteStream elections reporting platform.

We are looking for good people to get involved.

The team has grown steadily to 60 participants today, and was significantly fortified with the arrival of Joy London in 2017 as Associate General Counsel & Director of International Development, and Eddie Perez in 2018 as Global Director of Technology & Standards in 2018.

We all share a passion for both digital innovation and the defense and preservation of democracy.

If you are elections staff looking for information, please contact us here.

We are headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, with development offices across the country and globally including: Austin, TX; Boston, MA; Edinburgh, Scotland; UK, Portland, OR; San Francisco, CA; and Washington, D.C..

Developers, designers, and organizers—we welcome your contributions and are on the hunt for new staff team members.

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